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Servicing Domestic and Import Vehicles 1996 and Newer

We are a full service differential shop and can perform fluid services, differential rebuilds, and gear ratio replacements.

The differential is a device that splits the engine torque two ways, allowing each output to spin at a different speed. The differential is found on all modern cars and trucks, and also in many all-wheel-drive (full-time four wheel drive) vehicles. These all-wheel-drive vehicles need a differential between each set of drive wheels, and they need one between the front and the back wheels as well, because the front wheels travel a different distance through a turn than the rear wheels.

Symptoms of differential problem:

  • Growling noise when driving
  • Vehicle will not move when in drive or reverse
  • Fluid is full of metal shavings
  • Vehicle binding up when turning

Transfer Case Services:

  • Fluid maintenance services
  • Change gear ratios
  • Complete differential rebuilds
  • Bearing kit installs