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One of Portland’s oldest and most trusted auto repair shop goes completely digital. Bradshaw’s Service Center has taken there perfected auto repair business model and made it completely digital.

Choosing an auto repair shop that is right for you should be a simple task. Yet customers compare taking there car in for repairs as being more painful than going to the dentist. That is not the case when bringing your car to Bradshaw’s Service Center. We have been working on cars for over 75 years and are constantly updating our auto repair system to help our customers have a raving experience. One thing we have learned is that a lot of car owners really don’t know how to take care of there car and what that really means. After personally having a tooth pulling experience bringing in my new Jeep to the dealer I realized what a great system we have at Bradshaw’s and want to share with everyone.

Bringing your car to a new shop can be very intimidating and we know that. We are set-up to communicate with you via email, text, phone, or in person. You choose your communication preference so that you control how you want to be contacted. We also can provide you with an estimate of needed repairs and or maintenance items emailed to you before you even bring your car in so you know exactly what is being done to it and the estimated cost. One of the biggest mistakes I see customers make is taking there car to a shop with out a plan. “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” I see customers having fluids flushed, belts changed, and filters replaced that are not due yet. When bringing your car to Bradshaw’s we have a mobile app that our customers can log into and see there vehicle history of what has been done, what maintenance services are due at what mileage intervals, and book appointments through the app as services are due. We also have automatic oil change reminders, and maintenance reminders based off your driving mileage and habits.

Yes we have gone to a completely digital shop system. All of our techs have tablets that have there work schedules for the day, multiple vehicle inspections, diagnostic tools, maintenance intervals, recalls, and TSB’s for your vehicle at there fingertips. By doing this we are able to maintain a higher level of consistency through-out are shop. So when a tech finishes his inspection or diagnostic it is sent to the service advisor and then can be forwarded directly to the customer for there review with pictures and needed repairs. The inspection report can be emailed to you, or sent via your smart phone. This allows you the customer to review on your own time and make an educated decision on what repairs and maintenance items to have performed.

Want a better experience? Want a better maintained car? Want to control how your car is maintained? Then try out Bradshaw’s Service Center to feel the difference.


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