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Servicing Domestic and Import Vehicles 1996 and Newer

Portland Air Conditioning and Heating Service

Bradshaw’s is a Certified DEQ shop and we follow strict guidelines for evacuating and recharging AC systems. Before we can recharge the system we have to identify refrigerant type and evacuate the AC system. We put the system under vacuum and confirm that there are no leaks. If the system holds then we can recharge the AC system. If the system does not hold under vacuum we will confirm where the leak is and get you an estimate for repairing AC leak and recharging AC system.

Air Conditioning System Test 


  • AC blows hot air
  • AC only comes out of defrost vents
  • AC not as cold as it used to be
  • AC compressor not cycling
  • AC stops working when vehicle warms up
  • Steam came from engine area when AC turned on
  • Car overheats when AC is on
  • Growling noise when AC is on

System Test Includes:

  • Connect AC gauges
  • Confirm high side and low side pressures
  • Identify refrigerant type
  • Evacuate AC refrigerant
  • Check AC compressor operation
  • Check AC compressor relay
  • Check fuse
  • Check cooling fan operation
  • Check blend door operation
  • Check blower motor
  • Check for vacuum leaks
  • Check control head operation

Heating System Diagnostics 
In some cases the dash is required to be removed to access heating components for testing. Dash removal is not included in initial $55 diagnostic fee.


  • Heater stopped blowing air out vents
  • Blows cold air when heat mode is selected
  • Coolant leaking inside of vehicle
  • Blows cold air when defrost is on
  • Blows hot air out of vents all of the time

System Test Includes:

  • Coolant level and condition
  • Pressure test system
  • Vehicle operating temperature
  • Confirm heater control valve is opening
  • Thermostat operation
  • Cooling fan operation
  • Coolant flow
  • Heater Core
  • Blend door operation
  • Blower Motor
  • Vacuum leaks
  • Control head operation